Hiking Abbot Pass in The Canadian Rockies

Hiking Abbot Pass in the Canadian Rockies



Hiking Abbot Pass in The Canadian Rockies

Source: Travel Alberta

"Summit!" The collective exhilaration of making it to the Abbott Pass Hut plasters huge grins on every face. Bluebird skies, serrated peaks and glaciers in every direction - it's easy to understand why this place is on any serious mountaineer's bucket list.

The impressive stone cabin, now a national historic site, was built in 1922 of rock winched up the pass from Lake Louise. Sitting astride the Continental Divide in Banff National Park, the hut blends seamlessly into the crest of Abbot Pass. Maybe it's the altitude - almost 3,000 m (~9,600 ft) - but the hot chocolate tastes mighty good up here.

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