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Tubing at Alberta’s Ski Resorts

Source: Travel Alberta

Skiing in Canada is a popular outdoor activity in our winter months, but it takes time to develop the skills. Ski resorts in Alberta are adding a new activity that provides an adrenaline rush from the moment you launch down the hill – no experience required.

Tubing is similar to tobogganing but better because there is a tow system to pull you and your inflatable tube back up to the top. It’s a hot winter sport that adds a new dimension to family ski vacations. No matter your age or athletic ability, there’s a tube and a hill waiting for you.

Family Friendly Alpine Tube Tracks
Fly inches off the snow, bouncing over bumps, racing my kids, we laugh and holler and do it all over again. You’ll love what Banff’s Mount Norquay Ski Resort has to offer first-time and experienced tubers. The first snow tube park in the Banff area has massive, banked sliding lanes with a dedicated tow to bring us back up the hill again. Ride that Magic Carpet!

Close to the action of the day lodge at Lake Louise, it’s a rush no matter if you’re looking for an introduction to snow sports or you’re an avid skier wanting to spend an hour or two with the entire family. The resort is known for its epic hills – and the two-lane Sunny Tube Park is no different. Groomed smooth and running about 150 m, we think it’s the perfect place to see who can score the most points for speed, style and number of spins.

You can bet I’ll have the camera close at hand to capture all the action at the new tube park at Nakiska Mountain Resort. It promises to be a family friendly rip down twin tubing tracks close to the hub of action.

Slipping Down City Slopes and Canyons
Head to the slopes in the heart of Edmonton at Sunridge Ski Hill. It’s no sleeper when you reach the bottom of one of three undulating tube chutes. Just when it seems like you’re going to end up in the icy waters of the North Saskatchewan, a spray of straw slows you down. Race each other on separate tracks or link up and descend in a trio down a single chute.

Canyon Ski Resort, minutes from Red Deer, is Alberta’s largest non-mountain ski resort and it offers the only tube park in central Alberta. In a canyon overlooking the Red Deer River, you’ll slither down the twin tracks, screaming as you rocket around a banked corner and shouting for your friends to join you.

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