Arts and Performing Arts


Arts & Performing Arts

You know that feeling that makes your heart swell when the orchestra hits a sweet, sad note? Or when contemplating an artistic masterpiece, the humbling sense that you’re in the presence of greatness? Or the terror you feel for the protagonist being stalked onstage? Savour these deliciously extreme emotions when you immerse yourself in the local arts scene.

Alberta is a hotbed of new talent and attracts world renowned artists and performers. Exhibitions and live performances are richly diverse, from contemporary to timeless classics cherished by all. Check out Edmonton’s Art Gallery of Alberta, a centre of excellence for Western Canada’s visual arts whose building is as compelling as the contents within. When it’s not on tour around the world, our renowned Alberta Ballet performs at the Jubilee auditoria in Calgary and Edmonton. Both these international gateway cities boast exquisite concert halls which house their own professional symphony orchestras. Choose from a variety of performing arts at the Banff Centre whether you’re into music, theatre or dance. With so many seductive possibilities your inner culture hound will rejoice.


"The Rapid Fire Theatre Improv Festival was one of the best comedy/theatre weeks I've ever expereinced!" ~ L. Karp, Alberta

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