Arts and Performing Arts


Arts & Performing Arts

You know that feeling that makes your heart swell when the orchestra hits a sweet, sad note? Or when contemplating an artistic masterpiece, the humbling sense that you’re in the presence of greatness? Or the terror you feel for the protagonist being stalked onstage? Savour these deliciously extreme emotions when you immerse yourself in the local arts scene.

Alberta is a hotbed of new talent and attracts world renowned artists and performers. Exhibitions and live performances are richly diverse, from avant-garde experimentalism to timeless classics cherished by all. Browse the art galleries, take in a play or spend the evening at the symphony or the ballet. You’ll love choosing from so many seductive possibilities. The artist in you will rejoice.


The Winspear Centre..."is a crown jewel. If you have an opprotunity to see any venue here, do not hesitate. You will not regret your decision." ~ stragf, Alberta

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