Museums and Historic Sites


Museums & Historic Sites

Albertans are proud of their colourful past and have the museums and historic sites to prove it. Rewind 250 years to experience the beginning of the fur trade. Follow the footsteps of the great explorer and map maker, David Thompson. Discover "How the West was Once" at Canada's largest living history museum. Relive the adventures of the cowboys and pioneers at an original 1882 ranch. Find out how the Mounties brought law and order to a wild frontier in the 1870s. Learn the history of coal mining and climb the last wooden tipple in Canada. See how the Ukrainian settlers preserved their roots.

Step back 8,000 years to the time of the Plains Indians and trace their history at sites older than Stonehenge. Now take a really big jump back 70 million years to the time of the dinosaurs. Did you know we have the largest concentration of dinosaur bones in the world? Delve into the intrigue of the past to understand Alberta today.


"...amazed at the quality of the exhibits and the entire lay-out of the Royal Tyrrell Museum... awe-inspiring info on the history of this incredible landscape...a great appreciation for the people and scientists who are part of this fine museum." ~ Kempy2

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