Major Sports Events


Major Sports Events

Absorb the electric energy as the final minutes tick away. Agonized faces fill the arena as tens of thousands of people hold their breaths in anticipation. Suddenly a light flashes, a siren blares and in one motion the whole crowd is on its feet in a deafening roar of victory. A pro hockey team winning in sudden death overtime is a split second that will be burned into your memory forever.

Alberta has two National Hockey League teams and two Canadian Football League teams, fuelling a heated rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary. Going to a game when the local teams face off gives new meaning to “friendly rivalry.”

Get in on the festivities of the Edmonton Indy and watch the race cars tear around the track. If you prefer man and beast to man and machine, behold the elegance of a prestigious show jumping competition at Spruce Meadows or take in a day at the races for show-stopping action. Share the contagious excitement that embodies Alberta’s collective sports spirit.


"The lights are down...the thunder of the crowd...the players take the ice and I scream at a deafening pitch...this is hockey!" ~ S. Lalli, Alberta

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