Northern Lights & Dark Sky


Northern Lights & Dark Sky

Imagine looking up and seeing a rich green wisp uncurl slowly across the night sky. The apparition is soon joined by others and together they grow into a bright, pulsating chorus of light. Dazzling dashes of red and blue streak across the sky, waving, melting away then regrouping. You’re not hallucinating. You’re witnessing one of the most surreal natural phenomena on earth: the northern lights.

Online videos are nice, but nothing sends chills up your spine like seeing for yourself nature’s own light show. Swirling swatches of colour dancing across the night sky make the northern lights a unique experience you have to see to believe. Learn the tricks you’ll need to capture these fleeting images. Unravel the mystery of the aurora borealis and discover what makes the night sky blaze with colour. Hear the old legends and lore that surround this mesmerizing display, which can be experienced from September through April.


"I just couldn't believe what I saw!! AMAZING. Now I can go home and tell my friends I saw the Aurora." ~ H. Aljazzaf, Kuwait

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