Northern Lights & Dark Sky


Northern Lights & Dark Sky

A brilliant green wisp uncurls slowly across the night sky. The apparition is soon joined by others to become a pulsating chorus of multi-coloured light, waving, melting away, regrouping. You’re not hallucinating. You’re witnessing one of the most surreal natural phenomena on earth: the aurora borealis.

Unravel the mystery to discover what makes the night sky blaze with colour. Learn the tricks you’ll need to photograph these fleeting images. Optimal viewing is September through April, when solar activity is highest, from just about anywhere away from urban light pollution, particularly our dark sky preserves.

Alberta is home to the world’s two largest dark sky preserves – Jasper National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park. See countless constellations, the planets, and the backbone of the Milky Way, all visible with the naked eye. Use telescopes to see fine details like the rings of Saturn and faraway galaxies. It’s literally out of this world. And watch for those northern lights.


"totally unprepared for this blazing display of undulating neon green and purple...the entire family has never had a better midnight experience." ~ S. Stokes, Los Angeles

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