Sleigh Rides


Sleigh Rides

Feel the gentle jolt of the sleigh as the horses pick up the pace. Kicking up plumes of snow they prance through a dreamscape of dazzling white. Nestled with your loved ones under warm blankets, you savour the mountain vistas of the Canadian Rockies in all their winter splendour. This scene you’re creating is what holiday greeting cards are made of.

Step back in time and experience the romance of a sleigh ride. Trot along the lakeside trail of the iconic Lake Louise, or over snowy mountain meadows near Banff. Cozy up and sip hot chocolate as you glide under starlit skies, sleigh bells ringing. See for yourself what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!


"Gliding through the snow to the sounds of sleigh bells, cozy and warm under our buffalo rug, fat snowflakes landing all around - perfection!" ~ R. Bronskill, England

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