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Boating & Swimming

The snow is gone, the land is green, the days are warm and long. Albertans take summer seriously and spend every possible moment outdoors. And when the mercury rises, it’s time to pack up the gang and head for the water.

Nothing creates lasting summer memories like a glorious day at the beach. Alberta’s plentiful lakes are scattered throughout the province and a white sandy beach is never far away. Pick your favourite water sport: motor boating, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, even scuba diving. Sail and wind or kite surf on lakes and reservoirs that are famous for consistent and challenging winds. Or take a jet boat tour and skim along a fast-moving river.

Pack a picnic and make a leisurely day of it. Nearby trails make for birdwatching heaven. Visit waterways on the path of some of the largest migrations on the continent. Then take part in the ultimate Alberta summertime tradition – watch the sunset and end the day with a cold beverage, barbeque, and a bonfire. Summer sizzles in Alberta.


"Riding on the back of a Harley Davidson up to Pyramid Lake in Jasper with my mom in the sidecar. Talk about a once in a lifetime sight!" ~ N. Smith, Alberta

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