Shaking off cobwebs of a dreamy sleep in the great outdoors, you’re vaguely aware of the sunlight dappling your tent through the trees. Listen to the birdsong and the faint rush of the river. Poke your sleepy head out and breathe the fresh scent of the forest. There’s something else on the breeze – pancakes, coffee and campfire. The picnic table is set and breakfast is on.  

Camping is a quintessential Alberta tradition. Bond with friends and family while making camp and stoking fires. Explore your surroundings by hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and fishing. You can camp almost anywhere, from tenting in the backcountry to full-service campsites. Those less enamoured of the idea of roughing it can stay in a “cottage tent” or hit the road in a recreational vehicle for a home on wheels.

Stay in a tipi along a rushing river. Set up camp deep in the mountains, in the badlands or on the wide open plains. This is as close to nature as it gets.


"RV-ers will love the facilities at the Tunnel Mountain campground. Full service sites, gorgeous views...a nice surprise was the local bus that circled the whole campground taking people back and forth to the town of Banff." ~ S. Wilde, Saskatchewan

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