Canoeing and Kayaking


Canoeing & Kayaking

The only sound is water gently lapping at the side of your boat and trickling off your paddle as you slice through the turquoise water. The blissful quiet is broken only by fish splashing on the surface and the haunting cry of a loon. Canoeing and kayaking on Alberta’s scenic lakes and rivers is a day with nature at its finest.

Learn a traditional mode of transportation, essential to the Aboriginals, early explorers and fur traders. Experience the stillness of an alpine lake at dawn or dusk, its glassy surface reflecting the distant white peaks and the pink hues of the sky. Pack a picnic and paddle out to a distant shore or take on Alberta’s only back country canoe circuit. Wilderness lovers of all ages will form a lasting bond with nature and with each other.


"late September. No Wind. Canoe from the upper to the lower Waterton Lakes with my wife and two kids. Only ripples are from us." ~ shawjeff, Alberta

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