Cycling and Mountain Biking


Cycling & Mountain Biking

Mountain Fresh

Pedaling hard, you reach the crest and plummet down the other side. Adrenaline pumping and wind whistling in your ears, you take the rise at the bottom and catch some air. Ahead, the climb resumes. Just when you think you can’t pedal any further, you reach the clearing at the very top. Looking down at the vast river valley spread out beneath you, in that instant you know that it was well worth the ride.

Alberta has countless scenic treasures that are off the beaten track. Challenge yourself to some extreme mountain biking, or pedal leisurely through an alpine meadow, a boreal forest or under an endless prairie sky. Two wheels will take you places where four wheels could never go. Hop on a bike and go for the morning, or plan an entire road trip. In terrain that varies from flatlands to rolling foothills to mountain passes, we have plenty of trails, wide-shouldered highways and byways for road riders and mountain bikers to savour.


"Goosebump moment...cycling down from Cameron Lake and coming face to face with a mother and baby moose standing on the road!" ~ M. Patterson

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