Dog Sledding


Dog Sledding

Slip, Slip, Slide

Feel the bite of the bracing winter wind as your team of sled dogs whisks you across the frozen landscape. Piercing the icy stillness, the enthusiastic yelping of the huskies means they’re feeling the rush as much as you are. You’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Mush in the tracks of the early explorers who braved this frozen land and discover the advantages of travel by dog sled. Stand on the back and drive your very own team, or snuggle up in the sled under a warm buffalo rug and enjoy the ride. Glide through snowy wilderness scenes straight out of a holiday greeting card. The thrills and chills of dog sledding in Alberta will leave you eager to write home about your wild winter adventure.


"Greatest dog sledding adventure in North America!" ~ Nick Thompson, California

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