Families Grow With Water

An electrifying jolt courses through you as a trophy fish strikes. Your line sings, vibrating, flying off your reel. Suddenly a blinding flash of silver explodes through the surface, sparkling in the morning sun. Just when you think it can’t get any better than this, you catch a glimpse of your surroundings: the glassy stillness of the lake, the tree-lined shore and distant snow-capped peaks unfolding under an endless sky.

Alberta’s lakes, rivers and streams number in the thousands. With so many unspoiled waterways, a spot to drop a line is never far away. Take the gang on a day trip and fish from a boat or right from shore. Experience world class trout fishing on a river right in the middle of a city. Take a float plane to a remote lake where the fish practically jump into your boat. Sleep in a shoreline log cabin or a backcountry lodge and dream of ravenous trout, pike, walleye and grayling fighting for your favourite lure.


Keith Rae's expertise, knowledge, and willingness to go that "extra mile" for his angling clients is what makes Get Hooked Fishing Adventures a unique guide service and experience!" ~ Mike Jackson, The Daily Herald, Chicago

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