Standing on the top of a butte, you line up your drive with extreme care. Both sides of the fairway plunge to the canyon floor below. An eerie panorama of eroded hills and surreal rock formations unfolds before you, in muted hues of pink and beige. You’re golfing in Alberta’s ancient badlands, a stone’s throw away from the remains of the mighty dinosaurs that once ruled this barren land.

Teeing off in the badlands is just one of many unforgettable golfing experiences Alberta has in store. Where else can you yell “Fore!” to the elk in the rough while playing a world class course among glacial lakes and towering mountains? Die-hard golfers will find endless twilight up north, where long summer evenings mean hitting the links until close to midnight. With hundreds of courses to choose from, neophytes and experts alike will find their 18 holes of paradise in Alberta.


"Everyone at the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club does a great job. Excellent serivce and accommodation." ~ T. Melton

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