Horseback Riding


Horseback Riding

Prairie Palette

From your saddle, gaze at the backcountry mountain vista spread before you. The forest trail gives way to a lush meadow, with indigo peaks stretching skyward along the horizon. Breathe in the sweet scent of the evergreens on the fresh alpine breeze. Your horse turns his head toward a stand of aspen and you follow his line of sight. You both watch as a moose steps into the sunlight, her calf at her flank.

Experience the nature of the land from the saddle, just as the explorers did centuries ago. In the evening, swap tales with your fellow trailblazers over a sizzling campfire meal before retiring to your tent under a canopy of stars. Release your inner cowboy and experience life on a working ranch. Join a real cattle drive! Professional outfitters will create the ultimate adventure on horseback, tailored to your skills and time.


"Heading out for a morning ride into the beautiful Sheep River valley on horseback was a 'had to be there' experience." ~ R & J Rivers, Ontario

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