Ice Fishing


Ice Fishing

“There!” shouts Don, as the tip of your rod suddenly jerks toward the slushy hole in the ice. From within a portable shelter perched on the ice, you grab the rod and start reeling madly. Wondering why you’re sitting in a hut on a frozen lake with a guy named Don? You’re doing what many Albertans love to do: ice fish.

Sub-zero temperatures don’t sway the denizens of the deep lurking beneath the ice. Feisty and delicious lake and bull trout, walleye, northern pike, perch and arctic grayling are actively hunting and eager to gobble your bait. You can see them coming up to the surface from as deep as fifty feet!

Your guide will set up your heated shelter, equipment and of course introduce you to the bliss of cooking and eating your own fresh catch. Get hooked on a true Alberta experience as authentic as it gets.


"What a great year! The last trip I took my son and we caught at least 20 walleye...can't wait until next year!" ~ T. Warner

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