Ice Skating


Ice Skating

Here We Go

The crisp winter air brings a glow to your face as you glide briskly across a frozen lake. Your skates provide a sense of freedom like no other as you fly across the ice at exhilarating speeds. Alberta’s climate is perfect for creating the ultimate outdoor skating experience. Skate the Rocky Mountain way with dramatic mountain views in Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Lake Louise is considered by many the most spectacular natural skating rink on earth. To really connect with Albertans, show up with a hockey stick for an impromptu game of shinny.

Take your ice skating adventure indoors and glide where legends were made in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. See why the Olympic Oval boasts the fastest ice in the world. Or, how about skating in a shopping mall? The Ice Palace at West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest shopping centre, is open year round. So lace up those blades and get out and enjoy the ice like a local.


"Skating on the Bowness Lagoon, then warming up at a bonfire with a mug of hot chocolate...heaven!" ~ L. Lang

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