Mountaineering and Climbing


Mountaineering & Climbing

Pressed to the side of the mountain, you continue your steady climb. The ancient rock feels cool despite the warm sunshine on your back. From your unique vantage point, glance at the river valley below. A brilliant ribbon of turquoise snakes through the deep green, surrounded by the embrace of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Great spots for rock climbing are everywhere in our mountain parks. Learn the skills to climb over glaciers and scale mountainsides. Feel the thrill of conquering your first rock wall. With climbing adventures for mountaineers of all ages, everyone can experience this exhilarating sport. With the expert instruction of professional guides, you’ll be scampering along rock walls with the mountain goats in no time. Why didn’t they have classrooms like this when we were in school?


"The view of the steep, glaciated faces of the Twins and Mount Coumbia and the ocean of ice beyond blew away anything I'd seen in more publicized ranges of the world." ~ Bill Corbett

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