Take Me Higher

Marvel at the surprising sensation of treading lightly across the deep snow. The cool stillness of the forest is broken only by the crunch of snowshoes. A light snow begins to fall, frosting the scarves and toques of your companions. This peaceful winter scene is unchanged since the early explorers traversed this very land.

Ever wondered why northern animals like the caribou, hare and lynx have such wide feet? Strap on your snowshoes and you’ll find the answer. This ultra efficient way to beat the snowdrifts is a winter adventure to be enjoyed by all.

Straddle the Great Divide and get your picture taken with one snowshoe in Alberta and the other in British Columbia. Learn what made those fresh animal tracks. Hop on a helicopter and fly to the backcountry, then snowshoe to an island in a frozen lake for a gourmet lunch. Feel like you’re walking on air? You are – almost!


"Snowshoeing on a frozen lake in the backcountry...a quiet so intense you can hear the snow compacting as you walk on it." ~ A. Newby de Saulles, UK

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