Whitewater Rafting


Whitewater Rafting

Feel the spray on your face as you paddle madly through seething water. Shoot through narrow canyons, dodge the obstacles and swerve around the next bend in the river. Few experiences get the adrenaline pumping like whitewater rafting in Alberta. Go for an afternoon, or spend a few nights camping under the stars as you make your way along the course of the river. Feel the thrill of the rapids in an unspoiled natural setting. Keep your eyes open for wildlife – deer, elk and bear frequent the riverbanks.

Your rafting adventure is hosted by knowledgeable professional guides who provide everything you need. There are trips for all skill levels so get out and experience the camaraderie of conquering the big rapids. For a more leisurely pace, take it easy on a family float down a winding waterway or on a river through the heart of a city on a raft or an inner tube. Release your inner waterbaby.


"Absolutely awesome! Best experience in Canada!" ~ BrigidRose, Wisconsin

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