On My Mind

Slip into rejuvenating mineral water heated naturally from deep within the earth. The surrounding alpine panorama shimmers through the mist rising from the hot spring waters. Relax your tired muscles after an invigorating day in the mountains, just like the locals have done for over a century.

The healing powers of soaking in the soothing hot water of a mountain spring have long been known. But nothing compares to a dip in the winter, so hit the Banff Upper Hot Springs and ease into a steaming pool as the falling snow melts on your nose.

In the summer, brave the hottest springs in the Rockies at the Miette Hot Springs just north of Jasper. Cool off in a plunge pool of glacier water then slide gratefully back into the hot therapeutic spring. Be forewarned – the siren call of our hot springs will tempt you to return time and again.


"After three straight days of driving, it worked wonders on my cranky family...a great way to relax after hiking, before going out to a nice dinner in Jasper." ~ Melinda013, Ohio

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