On My Mind

The soothing aroma of jasmine and the sound of birdsong and waterfalls lull you close to sleep in the dim light. Expert hands deftly work the knots out of your weary muscles. The lights come gently back on and you realize with a heavy heart that the blissful tranquility has come to an end. Oh wait - it’s time for the sweet cocoon of your maple butter body wrap. This is the life.

From urban centres to alpine peaks, Alberta spas understand that energy and well-being are the main ingredients for a fulfilling holiday. Relax and rejuvenate with a facial, massage, or scented steam bath. For a special evening, get pampered and arrive as your most radiant self. Experience an outdoor pedicure on a scenic rooftop terrace overlooking the mountains. Top off your spa day with a cup of herbal tea in a serene relaxation room. Emerge fully revitalized and eager to tackle Alberta’s great adventures.


"This was our third trip to the Willow Stream Spa and it consistently provides such a great experience...the mineral pool is so relaxing (put your head under water to hear music) of my favourite attractions in Banff!" ~ tiaragirl, Alberta

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