Aerial Tours


Aerial Tours

Feel the steady hum of the engines as you soar above the mountain peaks. Brilliant blue alpine lakes peek out from between frosted summits. Fly to a towering waterfall spilling down a mountainside. See remote rivers, formidable glaciers and high alpine meadows from a bird’s eye view.

Everyone wishes they could fly like an eagle. An aerial tour is the next best thing, so take off into the wild blue yonder and see the Rockies like you never could from the ground. It’s a photographer’s fantasy – everywhere you point your camera is a perfect shot. Picnic on a high plateau, accessible only by air. Savour the impossibly pure air and the endless mountain vista melting into the horizon. You’ve landed on top of the world.


"Flying over the Rockies, seeing those snow-capped peaks that look like whipped cream has been drizzled all over them...majestic and humbling! ~ N. Ahern, Alberta

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