Boat Cruises


Boat Cruises

Stand at the bow of the boat and stare into the swirling green water. The fresh breeze ruffles your hair and the sun glitters on the lake like tiny diamonds. Gaze up at the mountains and marvel at the forces of nature that forged this perfect setting.

Listen to your guide reveal the mysteries of the lake and the mountains that embrace it. Hear tales of native folklore, early explorers, local wildlife and geological power. Stand outside for some great photo ops, or scan the shores for wildlife from the comfort of your indoor seat.

If you would love to take a boat cruise but happen to be in Edmonton, you’re in luck. Catch the river boat  and cruise through the heart of the city. The lush valley against an urban skyline creates an intriguing cityscape, although the wildlife on these shores may be of the human variety.


"Nothing beats a riverboat tour on the Athabasca River...lots of channels to run, wildlife and nature's beaury at its best." ~ A. O'Brien

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