Guest Ranches


Guest Ranches

Your sturdy quarter horse is alert, intently watching the herd of cattle as they amble along the ridge. Rolling foothills fade gently into the horizon, giving way to distant peaks and endless blue skies. Cowboys ride alongside the herd, ready to round up stragglers. Your clever mount knows the drill and canters up to a steer just as he makes a break for it. A good horse can make you look like you’ve been a wrangler all your life.

Moving a herd of cattle to greener pastures is an experience few can say they’ve had. Stay at a working guest ranch in log cabins inspired by the homesteaders of the early 1900s. Ride through the tall grass, forge a stream and take in the sweeping views of Alberta’s wide open cattle country.

Back at the ranch, chow down on authentic western cuisine – tender savoury steak, biscuits and beans. After supper, swap tales with your fellow trailblazers around the campfire and maybe catch a little cowboy poetry before heading to bed. Tomorrow, you’ll ride to where one of the scenes in “Brokeback Mountain” was filmed. Tonight, you’ll sleep like a baby – until the aroma of bacon, pancakes and cowboy coffee beckons.  Home on the range never felt this good.


"I can't believe I waited so long to come back! The Outpost always delivers!" ~ E. Treiber, Germany

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